Reservations: a deposit equivalent to 40% of the total amount is requested when booking. On arrival, it will carry out registration procedures.

Arrival: from 11 am to 11 pm.

Departures: up to 9.30 am.

No reductions are made for late arrivals or early departures.

Cancellations: the deposit will be refunded a deducted an amount of Eur 75,00 and only if cancellation is made almost 30 days before arrival. It cannot be rent by a number of people exceeding the one indicated in the price-list (infants included). Pieces of furniture and equipments such as chairs, covers and towels cannot be taken out of or moved from an apartments to another.

Parking: covered and free in the areas indicated (1 car per apartment)

Damages: guests on arrival will check up the good state of furniture and fittings. Any missing or damaged item has to be notified immediately. Repairs will be carried out as soon as material and stuff are available. For non-urgent and out of office hours' assistance (before 8am and after 7pm) an amount of Eur 10,00 will be charged.

Complaints: they are taken into consideration only if they are brought to our attention on arrival.

Thefts: take care of your own personal belongings; we are not responsible for thefts or damages caused to vehicles.

Children: La Casaccina is the ideal place to discover environment. In the common areas, they have to respect - under parentsí responsibiliy - other peopleís quietness. It is the responsibility of the parents to pay attention to their children especially in the garden.

End of the stay: On departure guests have to replace furnishings in the original location, put bottles, papers and rubbish in the proper containers, turn heating and power switch off.

Visitors: they have to be notified to the reception for a registration. An amount of Eur 15,00 is charged for this. Unauthorized persons will be warned to leave immediately (art. 614 of P. C.).

Swimming Pool and Tennis: access permitted with respect of the regulations in force. Diving is forbitten. Do not remove the brush from the swimming pool, do not clean it. Do not play football in the tennis court.

Laundry : the use of the washing machine is controlled by a special coin meter.

Pets: pets are admitted with vaccination record and anagraphic data. Not to be taken onto the beach, to the swimming-pool. They can be left free, however, if other guests gets complaints must be kept on a leash. In any case have to be controlled in view.

The above rules are intended to be generally accepted by guests. They are clearly evident in our website and are sent together with the receipt of the payment on account.

Behavioural ecological recommendations

Water: we consume 300 litres of water per capita per day!

Electricity: even though we use low energy bulbs, please remember to switch lights off, mainly the outside ones. With the lights off, a starful night will be more beautiful.

Heating: time and hours are regulated by regional laws . The best temperature at home is 20∞ by day and 16∞ by night.

Waste: we usually choose products with very little package and avoid disposable ones. The special waste collection system (also in use at La Casaccina) reduces biogas release, one of the causes of the planet warming.

The Nature thank you!

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